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Soap Dispenser Manual 1000ml (Bottle) RELAX

AED 45
capacity :  1 Ltr Suitable for Hand soap, Hand sanitizer gel, shampoo Inside Bottle type Push type

PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel 59 ml ,HGS60/PL

AED 15

Refreshing gel.

  • Kills 99.99 percent of most common germs that may cause illness
  • Outperforms other hand sanitizers ounce-for-ounce¹
  • Clinically-proven to maintain skin health²

Platform Trolly Prestar 300kg capacity Made in Japan

AED 750
Loaded weight: 300kg, Platform dimensions: 910x610mm, Floor height: 210mm, Wheel diameter: 130mm, Net weght: 18.5kg, Availability loading surface: 825x610mm, External

VDM DMX 304.2

AED 2800
  • DMX 304.2

    Polypropylene copolymer enclosed multifunctional trolley, with: 2 drawers (30 lt each), central lock, polycarbonate side doors, lid with document holder, 7 handle holders, sliding mechanism for duo bag-holder, 1x6 lt bucket, 2x4 lt buckets, 22 lt bucket with lid, 5 castors Ø 125 mm.

    Dimensions: 110x56x105h cm
    No. pcs/carton: 1 in 2 carton Volume/Weight carton: 0,520 m3 / 29 kg  


AED 1850
  • No contact with the flat mops and the frame
Thanks to the special clamps, the flat mops are unlocked directly into the waste bucket in an easy and intuitive way, without using the hands.
  • No release of dirt
Thanks to the innovative TOUCH FREE frame, the flat mop is unlocked directly into the bucket, thus avoiding the release of dirt on the floor, just like it happens with traditional cleaning systems. In this way, there is no unlocking operation of the velcro flat mop close to the operator’s face; this reduces the risk of germ and dirt inhalation.
  • A remarkable reduction of cross-contamination
In order to get an optimal result, we recommend the use of TOUCH FREE SYSTEM with: Dispenser for disposable impregnated cloths: the operator has to replace the impregnated cloth before starting the cleaning operation of each room. Three color coded buckets: help prevent cross-contamination.
  • It avoids the bending of the operator’s back
Thanks to this innovative system, the operator can unlock the used flat mop directly into the bucket without bending his back.
  • A multifunctional system
The operator makes less movements thus speeding-up the cleaning operations and reducing the risk of injuries
  • Tools saving
The frame without velcro doesn’t wear, thus offering a longer duration. The flat mops with pockets last longer and are resistant to frequent washings.
  • Water and detergents saving
Reducing as much as possible the amount of detergents is an advantage for the operator’s health and for the environment as well. VDM pre-impregnation system drastically reduces the quantity of necessary detergent and water.
  • Time saving
The innovative TOUCH FREE SYSTEM grants high quality cleaning performances, remarkably reducing working times and fatigue.    


AED 995

IdeaTop 6

Multifunctional trolley IdeaTop 6 equipped with: polypropylene copolymer base and base end, 1 bent vertical frame with handle, 2x6 lt buckets, 2x15 lt buckets, 2 bucket holders, 1 wringer support, 1 wringer for kentucky mops, bag holder with 2 handle holders and 4 hooks, 4 castors Ø 100 mm.

Dimensions: 100x54x115h cm
No. pcs/carton: 1 Volume/Weight carton: 0,270 m3 / 19,08 kg  

Floor Pads 17″( Machine Pads) – Red Buff – Buffing pad (1 x 5 pcs per carton)

AED 90

Buffing pad

  • For light daily cleaning and spray buffing
  • Removes light scuff marks and dirt while producing high gloss shine
  • Recommended for use on machines up to 800 rpm
Properties :  Property                            Value Thickness                        1 in  26 mm Weight                              30 osy, 1017 gsm Fiber Type                        Recycled Polyester Binder System                Cross-linkable water based Binder Application        Spray/Dip Abrasive Application     N/A Abrasive                          N/A Color                                 Red Pack                                  5 per case Made in USA  

Floor Pads 17″( Machine Pads) – Black Strip – stripping pad (1 x 5 pcs per carton)

AED 90

Black Stripping

Very aggressive stripping pad
  • Wet stripping applications
  • Aggressive removal of dirt and old finish buildup
  • Recommended for use on machines up to 350 rpm
Properties :  Property                            Value Thickness                          0.94 in (nominal)                          24 mm Weight                               48 osy ,  1628 gsm Fiber Type                        Recycled Polyester Binder System                Cross-linkable water based Binder Application        Spray/Dip Abrasive Application     Spray/Dip Abrasive                           Yes Color                                 Black Pack                                  5 per case Made in USA  

Floor Stand sanitizing station(includes SS steel Floor Stand , automatic Dispenser, 4 energizer c size battery,dripshield)

AED 560
SS steel Floor Stand 1.2 ltr capacity automatic sanitizer/soap dispenser Dripsheild 4 c size energizer battery

Eye Wash Spare Bottle 500ml

AED 65
Brand : Eyevex Eyevex Eye Wash Station Spare Bottle EEB 500 Eye Wash Spare Bottle 500ml •Sterile Saline Solution •ISO9001-EN46001 •Packing: 1x10 per carton •Dimension: 30x15x35 cm •Gross Weight: 5.50kg •HS CODE: 30049090 •Solution Made in Germany •Packed in Italy